Rookiez (k-5th)

ITZ Rookiez classes are all about the fundamentals. Over this 4-6 week course, ITZ trainers will teach and develop a strong foundation of shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, and teamwork. Players will work on the basics of the game in a fun, positive, and energetic environment. No long lines, just fun and competitive drills to help these Rookiez establish a love and passion for the game. Rim heights will also be adjusted per age group.

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ballerz (3rd - 6th grade)

Static. Dynamic. Situational.

Do you have a love for the game and want to take it to the next level? This advanced class is for you. Looking for players with no less than 1-2 years of competitive basketball experience (YMCA, Hooptown, AAU). In this class, players will rep skill work as well as add-on basic basketball concepts (screening, rebounding, playing without the ball, defense, and working as a team).


Shot lab (6th-college)

Cost $70 | ITZ MEMBER $60

The Shot Lab is designed to help the athlete find the PERFECT SHOT. This once a week private instruction enhances a player’s muscle memory with instant AUDIO and VISUAL feedback after every shot to consistently perfect arc and depth.
You will become a student of your shot by studying your NOAHLYTICS after each session. Your personalized shooting profile will include your plotted rim chart, heat map of all 12 zones, shooting percentages, 6 letter grades, and much more. Corner to corner (the full 180 degrees) analytics will be projected up to a 65” TV monitor above the basket throughout the workout.
Don’t just shoot the basketball – perfect your shot with essential feedback that only NOAH can provide. 

**Availability for the Shot Lab is limited**

Compete 180 (6th -12th grades)

Cost $40 | ITZ MEMBER $35

Compete 180 sessions are semi-private training sessions with 3-6 players max. These sessions present the best of both worlds where players can learn with their peers while receiving more individualized training. Players will utilize a progressive competitive curriculum to improve their basketball IQ by training in a circuit style format incorporating our state-of-the-art technology including the Shoot-A-Way, Vertimax, Senaptec, and more.
Trainers will positively push players to train at the next level by repping out game skills at game speed to produce game results. If you’re looking to hone in on your playmaking and shooting abilities while receiving more individualized training, then Compete 180 is perfect for you!

skillz & drillz (6th -9th)

Skillz and Drillz sessions are designed to reinforce and enhance the fundamentals of basketball. Athletes will be challenged to improve their foundational skills in the areas of shooting, advanced ball handling, decision making, attacking moves, and defensive concepts. High-level skills will be taught, repped out, and then put to action in live drill situations. Our trainers will implement a progressive curriculum to meet the needs of each individual athlete. In this positive and encouraging environment, athletes will be pushed to unlock their potential while practicing game skills to produce game results.
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Senaptec (Any age, any level)

No play is made without vision. Come gameday, sensory training helps you make better decisions in real time.

ITZ athletes and trainers are continuously striving for new ways to increase strength, stamina, and speed. Senaptec goes beyond the typical training regimen and encompasses an often-overlooked aspect of training, sensory performance. 

Senaptec technology is a secret brain training weapon and ITZ is proud to exclusively offer it at our facility

Both private and group training available.

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performance training (5th-college)

Speed. Agility. Plyometrics. Quickness. 

Functional strength and sports performance training designed to enhance athletic ability, limit injury, and unlock potential. 

ITZ has partnered to provide top-level performance training for all athletes in all sports. These training sessions will utilize our Run Rockets, Vertimax V8EXs, the Power Wall, and more! 

Training Time Slots: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm – 7pm.  Additional slots to come. 

academy (7th-college) COMING SOON

The ITZ Academy is the most comprehensive program ITZ has to offer. Within the Academy, players will be challenged to improve their basketball IQ, knowledge of the game, and decision making skills. The focus will be on bridging the gap between skill work and game play through the utilization of a progressive curriculum, film breakdown sessions, a take home training notebook, and mentally engaging homework on off days.
Academy courses will range from 4-6 weeks and include topics such as: Ball Screen Breakdown, Finishing Moves, Shooting, Off-Ball Movement, Perimeter Moves, Decision Making, Mid-range and Separation Moves, Defense and Rebounding, etc. If you’re ready to put in the work and join the school of basketball, the Academy will help advance your skills to the next level.

*These courses are for experienced basketball players, and to ensure a personalized experience, space will be limited*

-Coming Soon-