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How You Perceive Is How You Perform

In the world of competitive sports, athletes and their trainers are continuously striving for new ways to increase strength, stamina, and speed. Senaptec goes beyond the typical training regime and encompasses an often-overlooked aspect of training, sensory performance. Senaptec technology is used as a secret brain training weapon by elite athletes around the world.

10 Sensory Parameters, 1 Complete Solution

01. Visual Clarity

Good vision starts with clear data from the eyes.

02. Contrast Sensitivity

Detecting contrast is the beginning of vision and is critical for recognizing objects and faces.

03. Depth Perception

Judging depth assists in navigation, accurate timing, and proper anticipation for potential collision.

04. Near-Far Quickness

Changing focus quickly is important for movement, spatial judgment, and making timely decisions.

05. Perception Span

Perceiving and retaining a broad range of visual information helps make quick and accurate decisions.

06. Multiple Object Tracking

Sensing the movement of multiple objects is crucial for spatial awareness and proper movement.

07. Reaction Time

Reacting quickly to a visual input is crucial to success in all areas of life.

08. Target Capture

Fast coordination between peripheral and central vision ensure you observe important information.

09. Eye-Hand Coordination

Moving hands quickly and accurately based on visual input is foundational to interaction with the world.

10. Go/ No Go

Inhibiting motion in response to new information protects from mistakes and potential injury.

Success in sports often  comes  down to an inch or a fraction of a second. One critical move can be the difference between winning or losing. So what are you waiting for? 

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