About Us

Our Philosophy

The future waits for no one, so be great today!

Our Training Method

First, We Break The Skill Down
Secondly, We Rep The Skill Out
Thirdly, We Apply The Skill In Drills
And Lastly, We Execute It In Live Situations

Our Mission

It is the mission of ITZ Sports Performance to positively impact the lives of every student-athlete in our community by teaching critical core values of life through the lens of athletics.

Our vision

To provide every student-athlete the highest level of personal development by utilizing the pursuit of excellence, the commitment to hard work, and prioritizing integrity. ITZ Sports Performance will provide an innovative and technology driven approach to enhance the skillset of every student-athlete that commits to the journey and trusts the results of hard work. We will always emphasize the importance of academics before athletics. There are no short cuts, or handouts; there is only hard work, and the results that it produces.