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Welcome to ITZ Sports Performance – Your Ultimate Pickleball Destination!

At ITZ Sports Performance, we’re more than just a pickleball facility – we’re a community of enthusiasts dedicated to the joy of the game! Here’s why you should make us your go-to pickleball destination:
βœ… Open 7 Days a Week:
  • We believe in providing flexibility for our players! Our doors are open every day, ensuring you have ample opportunities to enjoy the game you love.
⏰ Up to 5 Sessions Per Day:
  • With up to 5 two-hour sessions daily, you can tailor your pickleball experience to fit your schedule. We’ve got options for everyone, from early birds to night owls!
🎟️ Unlimited Bookings with Memberships:
  • Unlock the full potential of your passion with our memberships! Enjoy unlimited weekly bookings, ensuring you never miss a chance to play.
πŸ‘« Small Session Sizes – Maximum Enjoyment:
  • We keep our sessions cozy with a limit of 16 players. No need to sit out – you’ll be in the action, enjoying every moment on the court.
πŸŽ“ Training and Classes:
  • Whether you’re a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, our expert instructors offer training and classes to elevate your pickleball game.
πŸ›’ Selkirk Pro Shop:
  • Explore the latest in pickleball gear at our Selkirk Pro Shop! Try out paddles before you buy, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your playing style.
πŸ† Leagues, Tournaments, and More:
  • Elevate your pickleball experience with our exciting leagues, tournaments, and a range of special events. Compete, connect, and have a blast on the courts!

Ready to elevate your pickleball experience? Join us at ITZ Sports Performance where every day is a day for pickleball fun! 🌟